• GenderMale
  • SexMale
  • Age1.5 Months
  • BreedIndie
  • SterilizedNo
  • SizeSmall
  • LocationNetaji Nagar
  • Good WithHumans, Dogs

More about Angus

Angus, our adorable indie boy, who only 1.5 months old, is a real survivor. His rescuers found him, along with his siblings and mother, in one of the vacated buildings in Netaji Nagar. There is barely any food or water available, and even his mother is finding it hard to feed the litter; the area is littered with rubble and glass and is scheduled to be demolished by the 10th of May. Yet, despite all this, Angus is one playful little pup full of joy and it is imperative that him and his litter are shifted out as soon as possible. When his rescuers entered the vacated colony on the lookout for abandoned animals that needed help, Angus was busy playing and jumping around with his siblings. He has mixed black and brown fur, a set of curious eyes and is very inquisitive in nature as all pups of his age would be. No doubt, he'd make a wonderful addition to any home. He has received his 9-in-1 vaccinations and is perfectly healthy.

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