• GenderMale
  • SexMale
  • Age6 years
  • BreedLabrador
  • SterilisedNo
  • SizeLarge
  • LocationSouth Delhi
  • Good withHumans, dogs

More about Oscar

Oscar is a handsome 6-year old 3 legged male Labrador, currently residing at a boarding in Chattarpur. He was found tied outside a house with a tumor on his leg. He went through chemo sessions and had to get his leg amputated to be able to recover completely. He's healthy and vaccinated now and will be sterilized soon. Oscar's past or present condition hasn't dwindled his spirit or energy in any way. He's one of the most friendly, active and playful dogs you'll ever meet. He loves human company and he's friendly with other dogs too and anyone would be lucky to have him!

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