• GenderMale
  • SexMale
  • Age7 months
  • BreedIndie
  • SterilisedNo
  • SizeMedium
  • LocationGurgaon
  • Good withHumans and dogs if given time

More about Shinzo

Shinzo is a 7 month old gorgeous male Indie puppy who was rescued off the streets while being attacked by big dogs. Since then he has been shifted to multiple foster homes and even had a failed adoption with no fault of his own. All the constant shifting is in no way ideal for any puppy this small and hence have made our boy a little anxious. He takes some time to open up but once he does, he is the sweetest and an intelligent kid. Shinzo is an extremely energetic boy and loves to jump around. Our boy is popular among all the kids in the park. He needs someone to play with and is an expert at winning hearts with his lovely smile. He's absolutely healthy and his vaccinations and his deworming are upto date.

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