• GenderMale
  • SexMale
  • Age8 years
  • BreedSpitz
  • SterilisedNo
  • SizeSmall
  • LocationNoida
  • Good withHumans, dogs

More about Goofy

Goofy is an 8 year old Spitz boy, who is looking for a family to call his own! Lost and afraid, he was found roaming on the streets by his rescuer, who took him in and attended to him. It appears that our boy Goofy has been abandoned, and the tear marks on his face are indicative of his distress. Hence, our boy needs a family to take him in and shower him with care and affection. He is currently at a boarding in Noida. He is friendly with other canines and humans. His loving, loyal and playful demeanor make him an ideal companion! Goofy has received his rabies shot, and will be sterilized by the end of this month. Please open your hearts to senior dogs, they're just as deserving of your love as puppies.

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